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D'Angel Joins Beenie Man To Launch Belize Reggae Fest

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Dancehall's First lady" D'Angel will be making a special guest appearance alongside the reigning "King of the Dancehall" Beenie Man at the inaugural staging of the Belize Reggae Fest Series. The brainchild of U.S. based promoters Triple T Productions and Nuff Muzik Productions, the series is set to launch on Saturday, March 7th at the new venue, the Civic Center in Belize City.

D'Angel is set to make her Belize debut with her hit single "Stronger".D'Angel, who was crowned 'Female Singjay of the Year' at the Excellence in Music and Entertainment Awards in Jamaica earlier this month, is highly excited about appearing alongside Beenie Man, Reggae crooner Anthony Cruz, Dancehall's "Attitude Gyal" dancer Dyema, and DJ Andrew D of New York's Irie Jam Radio for the first installment of the Reggae Fest Series.

"This is my first time in Belize, and a chance for all my fans to come out and enjoy themselves," states D'Angel. "This is a...

bless to all at reggae me .com

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Thanks to you all and much thanks to those that keep coming back to visit reggae me
welcome all to reggae me hope you enjoy the music posts and the forum chats>>> please keep the posts coming for music( big up all that post on to reggae me ) all it takes a quick thanks for posts bless love from reggae me management

'Beenie Man a di biggest hypocrite' - Ninja Man

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“Beenie Man a di biggest hypocrite, laugh an’ skin teeth wid man like him an’ dem a fren wen him in front a dem, but chat a bag tings behine dem back,” says Ninja Man.

“When mi a kill people mi nuh haffi have nuh hit song. Mi use on the spot lyrics an’ kill people,” says Ninja Man who is responding to comments recently made by Beenie Man on CVM’s On Stage entertainment programme with host Winford Williams.

Ninja Man, who is referred to as ‘Mr. Sting’ because of his many on stage clashes, said it was not only lyrics that dictate who wins clashes.
“It teck stagecraft, literacy, respect fi yuh fans, how yuh dress and most of all, how fi bring it ‘cross to the people that it is not a physical thing. After wi nuh live in di Gladiator years weh wi fight till breath leff smaddy and a medical doctor pronounce him dead,” said the ‘front teeth gold teeth don gorgon’.

Ninja Man said that Beenie Man was one of the biggest...

A Jamaican Dogsled Team? You Mush Be Joking!

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Newton Marshall is hoping to recreate the success seen in 1990s blockbuster Cool Runnings by being part of the first Jamaican team to take part in a gruelling global dog race championship.

Newton, a former horseriding guide, came to be a part of the dogsled team purely by chance.

While working for Chukka Caribbean Adventures, he was asked by his boss to look after some dogs the company had adopted.

Over time, the company began giving cart rides using the shelter dogs.

In a wave of inspiration one afternoon, company chairman Danny Melville decided to form the Jamaica Dogsled Team.

Danny chose Newton to work with the sled-pulling dogs as he was the one handling them on a regular basis.

Newton soon proved to be a natural, amazing everyone as he had never even seen snow before.

Setting out for the tournament on St Valentine's Day, Newton joined 28 other contestants from around the globe for 1,000 mile Yukon Quest dog...

Virginia to execute Jamaican-born man today

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BARRING a last-minute reprieve, Jamaican-born Edward Bell will be executed in Virginia, USA at 9:00 tonight for the 1999 gun murder of a police officer.

Bell, 42, has been on death row for seven years after exhausting all avenues of appeal in the United States justice system.

Bell, a native of Portland in eastern Jamaica, was found guilty of murder of police sergeant Ricky Timbrook, who was chasing him in a dark alley on the night of October 29, 1999 in the city of Winchester. The cop was shot once in the face with a .38 revolver. He died on the spot.

After an eight-hour search, Bell was found hiding in the basement of a house not far from where Timbrook was killed. Hours later, cops found the gun used in the crime hidden under a pile of bricks at the same premises.

Bell's fingerprints were found on the weapon and ballistic tests later found gunshot residue on his hands.

Under Virginia law, the murder of a law...

Jamaica Originates Chapter 1

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  • 0 press link to watch :) AIDONIA JA'S MOST WANTED

Director Jamil GS made his way into the heart of Jamaica; Kingston, where he captures the Dancehall movement that has been growing which is heavily influenced by sex. In this chapter he interviews Aidonia and his group. This is some pretty raunchy stuff so watch it in the privacy of your own home. Unless your work is cool like that.

Nature new artist to hit you with sweet music

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check out the videos below

check out the videos below madddddddddddddddddddd tingggggggggggg

please check his tunes they added to forum new artist

Happy Birthday, Bob Marley Feb. 6, 1945

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Robert "Bob" Nesta Marley
February 6, 1945 – May 11, 1981

He was the lead singer, songwriter and guitarist for the ska, rocksteady and reggae bands: The Wailers

Marley remains the most widely known and revered performer of reggae music, and is credited for helping spread Jamaican music to the worldwide audience

Studio One, Beverley's, Upsetter/Trojan, Island/Tuff Gong

YouTube - Bob Marley - Forever Loving Jah

Reggae Artist outpricing themselves!!!

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Reggae Artist outpricing themselves
By Sherry Southe

As the global economy heads into a tailspin, it is expected that it will have a profound effect on many sectors in Jamaica. I believe that one of the sectors that will be greatly impacted is the music industry.

In difficult times music can be a life savior and as the exacerbated events continue in this economic environment, one comes to the realization that things like stage shows will have to remain competitive, yet affordable, if they want patrons to attend.

People in general will start prioritizing and balancing their needs based on their fiancés. As an ardent music lover, I can’t help but notice how much money it actually cost to attend some shows. The music industry needs to change with the times.

The artist, their managers, promoters and so forth has to realize that there is only so much cost that can be passed on to supporters, and that there is only so much that a fan will, or can afford to pay. A music...

Air Jamaica Will No Longer Fly To Atlanta, Los Angeles, Grand Cayman, And Miami

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Air Jamaica has unveiled its 2009 Business Plan, which is designed to respond to the current global economic downturn, quickly stem the substantial cash losses at the company, and position the airline on a path to financial stability going forward.

The goal of the 2009 Business Plan is to eliminate cash losses by:

-Exiting loss-making markets and revising schedules in others
-Improving aircraft utilization by more than 25%, and
-Executing an efficiency plan that will improve productivity and bring Air
-Jamaica’s unit costs in line with international norms.

Effective February 26, 2009, Air Jamaica will exit Atlanta, Los Angeles, Grand Cayman, and Miami, and will discontinue service between Jamaica and Barbados and Jamaica and Grenada. This will result in the closure of the affected stations and reductions in the work force, accordingly.

Racism X Confectionery

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Bakery Celebrates Obama with 'Drunken Negro Head' Cookies

this is so wrong excuse fi be racist bullllllllllllit

YouTube - Bakery Celebrates Obama with 'Drunken Negro Head' Cookies

Stop Order on 'Rampin Shop' - by Ne-Yo's publishing company.

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Vybz Kartel and Spice's 'Rampin Shop' has been ordered to be destroyed and pulled from all radio, television stations and the Internet by EMI Music Publishing.

This is what the email sent to Kartel states: "'Ramping Shop' by Vybz Kartel and Spice infringes the copyright in 'Miss Independent' (Smith/Hermansen/Eriksen). Clearance of this use of 'Miss Independent' has not been sought or obtained and I am informed that clearance will not be forthcoming. Accordingly 'Ramping Shop' cannot be released or exploited in any way. Please confirm your acknowledgment and acceptance of this, and that you will arrange that (i) all recordings of the infringing track will be re-called and destroyed and that no further copies will be issued, and (ii) that the audio and/or video will be taken down immediately from all Internet sites."

The current version of Vybz Kartel and Spice's Rampin Shop has been ordered to be destroyed and pulled from all...

Jimmy Riley arrested for punching wife.

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Jimmy Riley is one of Jamaica’s hard-hitting reggae icons whose artistic excellence lives on in his son Tarrus. However the reggae star has a bit of a lesson to learn about keeping the heavyweight act for the studio and stage, rather than following up belligerence with physical violence.

Last week Riley appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court and faced the serious charge of hitting his wife. Sandra Bramwell-Riley was also present in the court, where she backed up her police report, given on January 4 at the Stony Hill Police Station.

In her report, Bramwell-Riley alleged that following an argument that developed while she traveled with her husband, he hit her hard in her face and later threatened her with a knife. Injured by the attack, Bramwell-Riley followed through with charging her husband and told the court that this was not the first time she has been abused in this manner by him.

Bare Passa Passa wid Kartel and Mavado

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The school kids in Kingston are showing there allegiance to both the Gully the Gaza Empire... recent reports have indicated that they tagged themselves with labels such as "Gaza Muma" .."First Ladies of Gaza" ..'Mavado' and Kartel .. the kids said that its a way to protect themselves from bullies.... police have already intervened and warned the students be careful or else..

But dem pickney very much into these things than then books... I hear some likkle tiny tots can sing the whole raw version of 'Rampin Shop'... .. I think we need to know god.. LOL

What is this fight over the crumbs for Mavado I'm So Special... success
..Dave Kelly a carry TJ a court to claim what he says is his royalties over the "Unfinished Business Riddim".. but mi wonder if the tune never buss this would have happened.??!! .. they have right to call it unfinished Business.. cause they have to court to sort it out.. come on man.. well then again...

'Mi Done Wid Gaza' Portmore Empire Vybz Kartel Violate

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YouTube - Vybz Kartel-PON DI GAZA (new mavado diss) mad thing maaaaaaad

click on the top link too see the stream
According to this clip... the Portmore Empire violate Jamaicalive... the host Summer.. is cross angry and miserable.. to the point where she will destroy her radio if she hear any Portmore Empire member on it.
The host and her set was threatened with violence ..and ask to leave when they went to Gaza to interview the entire Empire.. ..

... listen to what happened ...

Richie Spice Hits A High Note

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YouTube - Richie Spice - Ano Me Dat

Ri Acclaimed reggae star Richie Spice returns to the airwaves with his latest single, "Street Life." Produced on the Chemistry Riddim, which currently sits at number one on the reggae charts with D'Angel's "Stronger," Spice paints a poignant tale of knowing what life is like growing up in poverty, and dealing with the harsh realities of street life.

A Billboard artist, Spice propelled into mainstream airplay with his universal hit, "Youths Are So Cold," back in 2006. He has been busy touring countries around the world since the release of his recent album, Gideon Boot (VP), in May 2008. The album peaked at number one on Billboard's Top Reggae Albums, and spurned the culture hit, "The Plane Land," which took Spice all the way to headlining reggae night at Reggae Sumfest last...

Richie Spice Hits A High Note

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Bounty Killa in More Trouble

The year haven't started well for some artiste at all.. especially Bounty Killa. Once again the War Lord is in trouble with the law. It has been reported that the DJ is to appear in court in early February to answer to charges of dangerous driving among other traffic offences. One of the charges slapped on the Five Star General is the breaking of seven red traffic lights one early morning session with his entourage after returning from an event in Kingston.
At the time of the incident the Bounty was alleged to have been refusing to stop when the police signalled him to do so, they eventually caught up with him after a small chase. The DJ is alleged to have parked his ranger in the middle of the road and took another vehicle and left the scene.
According to the report the popular dancehall DJ also refused to take a breathalyzer test .. so the police had to call for backup .. when his...

Congratulations To Obama Our New 44th President of USA.

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The new black man in the white house!!!!!! Bop Bop Bop

Please stop and say thanks for post

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It doesn't hurt to say thanks..
a little gratitude goes a long way!

big up to all the new members and all that posting in music nuff respeck rexxy and mixhoney seh dat braaaaaaaaap:D

Mavado Drops New Album March 2009

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early March 2009, one of the most talked about dancehall artists Mavado will unveil the second chapter of his stirring street narrative,
Mr Brooks…A Better Tomorrow, on VP Records.

Mavado is making dancehall a big screen production. The talented singjay from Kingston, Jamaica’s toughest ghetto Cassava Piece, has crafted his strongest album yet — a bittersweet struggle over the dichotomies in his world — past vs. present, hope vs. despair, and freedom from strife.

Following Mavado’s critically acclaimed debut Gangster For Life: The Symphony of David Brooks (July 2007), Mr Brooks…A Better Tomorrow is a true reflection of who Mavado (David Brooks) is today.

This second installment of his latest hits and daring exploits are built on apocalyptic synthesizer progressions to which Mavado chats and sings simplistic yet profound lyrics with strong conviction and ease. His...