Richie Spice Hits A High Note

Bounty Killa in More Trouble

The year haven't started well for some artiste at all.. especially Bounty Killa. Once again the War Lord is in trouble with the law. It has been reported that the DJ is to appear in court in early February to answer to charges of dangerous driving among other traffic offences. One of the charges slapped on the Five Star General is the breaking of seven red traffic lights one early morning session with his entourage after returning from an event in Kingston.
At the time of the incident the Bounty was alleged to have been refusing to stop when the police signalled him to do so, they eventually caught up with him after a small chase. The DJ is alleged to have parked his ranger in the middle of the road and took another vehicle and left the scene.
According to the report the popular dancehall DJ also refused to take a breathalyzer test .. so the police had to call for backup .. when his entourage and the police had a stand-off.. up to ten other police patrol arrived on the scene but Bounty Killa did not budge. After leaving the scene and his range rover behind, it was later towed away, the artist appeared later in the day to retrieve his vehicle.. but was however served with traffic tickets and summonses to appear in court instead. Bounty may loose his drivers license according to the police when he pays the traffic tickets.

Bounty.. it look like you head tough... yuh know say the police dem dont like you already and yet still you give them reason to give you more trouble... everybody done know still say man nuh stop a stoplight after hours haffi keep an eye out and look fi the babylon dem.. ..with such a large entourage use some of them fi look out..
and is how come a him alone the feds them press charges on sure that entourage has at least four cars..