Happy New Years One And All.

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On behalf of Mix Honey and myself I would like to take the time to wish each and every one a happy new years.


happy new years me cuzin...me love u bad......mixhoney big up uself wid u big forehead....nuff love sis...big up God...me madda..and last me pussy...bung bang.......(singing romping shop)=(cawz me afi wine pan di cocky like dis, kartel spin me like a satellite dish, deal wid me breast dem like crushing irish, sharp u kno me never love a pussy like dis) woieeeee kartel a sing to me...unu gwey
happy new year 2009 to all di reggaeme.com familymay this year be more prosperous for us all whether mentally, physically or wealthy

coming from chuckie and the starkade family
Happy New Year Everyone and have a prosperous new year. Big up Rexxy on the site. Bigger things in the new year. This year money a make. Badmind cant stop us this year.