Featured Artist: Mia Stoosh

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Mia Stoosh is an artist with great flair, clever lyrics and a distinct flow; she will be a force to be reckoned with in Pop/Reggae music and music as a whole. Her dynamic blend and use of Pop melodies with raw Dance Hall lyrics is a perfect combination and produces a unique sound that grasps your attention. Mia Stoosh is undeniably “hit bound”.

Mia Stoosh started her music career as a writer of multiple genres including Rock, Pop, Country and Reggae she fell in love with recording and performing after her first studio session in 2002. Mia Stoosh is currently doing shows throughout New York State and recording her album. She recently performed Ghetto Story live with platinum selling Dance Hall artist Baby Cham replacing Alicia Keys who was unable to make it and received rave reviews in Poughkeepsie NY.

Previously Mia Stoosh was one of the semi finalists who made it to Hollywood on the mega hit show American Idol. Being in the spot light and under the pressure of a competition is nothing new to Mia Stoosh who charmed the judges on American Idol 2007. She received an incredible unanimous “yes” from all three judges including a guest judge to move on to Hollywood. Yes! Even Simon could not deny the talent he saw before him; all three loved her energy, vocal ability and personality.

One of the executive producers' from the show commented that Mia Stoosh was a “natural star” and has what it takes to be very successful in the music industry. After her American Idol experience Mia Stoosh decided to focus more on her roots and first love Reggae Dancehall music while still staying true to the R&B, Pop and even Rock influences she grew up listening to. Mia Stoosh have worked with artists such as Lady Saw and Cecil.

Talented, Sexy, bold, captivating and stylish are just a few words that describe Mia Stoosh. She’s raising the bar for female artists with her diverse range of soulful vocals blended with uncultivated chatting, sure to top many charts. Mia Stoosh hopes to secure a record or writers deal with a major or independent record label in the near future. Her music career is truly a masterpiece in the making.

Mia Stoosh - Love Me