Bottles rain on Reggae Campfire stage

Angry patrons got in a fit of rage after it was announced that Beenie Man would not be appearing and they made no qualms about showing their feelings by breaking in the New Year with a ruckus.

There was so much mayhem going on backstage and especially in the VIP area, as people were virtually causing a stampede as they tried to escape the hail of bottles.

Some light has finally been shed on the Campfire incident as both Mavado and Beenie Man's management deny any altercation between the entourages of the two artistes.

Beenie Man's manager and brother, Rohan 'Blue' Smith said Beenie Man wanted to perform because he did not sign a contract to close the show. Even though it was about 4 a.m. and Beenie Man was not scheduled to perform until 4: 45 a.m. Smith said it made sense for Beenie Man to perform since his backing band Ruff Kutt was already onstage.

During the melee with the police, Smith said young artiste Kitty Paw was 'roughed up' by a member of the police party who put his gun in the teenager's face.

Mavado's manager Julian Jones-Griffith says he is planning to sue Beenie Man for accusing members of Mavado's entourage of physically abusing members of his entourage during a radio interview.

Julian Jones-Griffith Said "Mavado and his entourage were 20 metres away and behind a fence. Bounty neva deh near him. At no time was there any confrontation between any of them. Not even words exchange much less blows,"



Oct 20, 2008
on earth
yes sad to say i was dere and wen di bokkle dem start fling a under wah trailer me go siddung and watch..afta it dun me go ghetto ball a tivoli go usual anyways boovado go dem always boo out di ting...di docta did perform and di gully monkey jus expose it nuh kno why him nuh go hope zoo go live and stop mingle wid human beings...hissteth...chro