'Beenie Man a di biggest hypocrite' - Ninja Man

“Beenie Man a di biggest hypocrite, laugh an’ skin teeth wid man like him an’ dem a fren wen him in front a dem, but chat a bag tings behine dem back,” says Ninja Man.

“When mi a kill people mi nuh haffi have nuh hit song. Mi use on the spot lyrics an’ kill people,” says Ninja Man who is responding to comments recently made by Beenie Man on CVM’s On Stage entertainment programme with host Winford Williams.

Ninja Man, who is referred to as ‘Mr. Sting’ because of his many on stage clashes, said it was not only lyrics that dictate who wins clashes.
“It teck stagecraft, literacy, respect fi yuh fans, how yuh dress and most of all, how fi bring it ‘cross to the people that it is not a physical thing. After wi nuh live in di Gladiator years weh wi fight till breath leff smaddy and a medical doctor pronounce him dead,” said the ‘front teeth gold teeth don gorgon’.

Ninja Man said that Beenie Man was one of the biggest hypocrites who got away with a lot of things because the people love him (Beenie) like how they love him Ninja Man.

“Beenie Man never smoke coke yet (or mi nuh know), him drink Hennessey but him nuh guh through the amount a problem them like me. Fi him lickle family problem, fallout wid him one-time manager and baby run-ins wid di government and law a nuh nutten fi compare to wah mi guh through,” Ninja shared.

As Ninja Man vented his feelings, he revealed that there was some discussion about how the clashes should be done at the last Sting.
“Mi tell Beenie Man sey him fi clash wid Bounty and him sey no cause him an’ Bounty a fren. Bounty an’ Beenie a nun fren. A dun Beenie Man era dun now.

Him fi jus gwaan record music fi him gran’ pickney listen to. A Mavado an’ Vybz Kartel a di new generation an him cyaan accept that suh him haffi fine a way fi get in a dem ting. Mi a di great Ninja Man but if mi did have di amount a hit tune like wah Beenie Man have, mi woulda eida surpass Shaggy and Sean Paul…an’ or inna international league to miself. Him jus deh pon one stage…dancehall, all afta him get di Grammy,” Ninja said.

As to why he didn’t clash with Merciless. “Merciless jus a come back an’ a try fi put together some lyrics fi eat a food, wah dem waan mi kill him off agen fah wen mi kill him so much time aready. Mi nevva even deh inna Jamworld wen him guh pon stage. Mi nuh haffi have nuh lyrics fi test Leonard. Mi jus look pon how di audience a respond an’ fine di right thing weh fi conneck an’ kill people,” Ninja said.

“Since Beenie Man feel like sey Merciless a deejay, Merciless dead a Jam World, bury a Negril a Spring Break and tomb inna him own birthday bash a Clarendon. Like how him come back now as the seven golden vampires, yuh Beenie Man remember say that I am Peter Cushing…a gwain peg him inna him heart wid a silver cross. Him muss bun up,” Ninja ranted.
“Hey bwoy Beenie Man, if yuh bad like mi boot heel, yuh and Merciless step inna Follow Di Arrow meck a peg him an kill yuh. If mi nuh ketch yuh a Follow Di Arrow, anyway yuh deh I am coming to get yuh. Yuh go the faress inna di music business; do music wid all Michael Jackson sister and wah yuh do wid yuh career? Waste time a meck mischief and fight fi bi number one at all time. Yuh badmind thru yuh cyaan teck mi title like how yuh teck Yellow Man own ‘bout yuh a ‘king a the dancehall’. A mi a di ‘don gorgon fi life!”




Oct 20, 2008
on earth
ninja man a look a come bak...him need fi stop look show awf a people and go download wah dentist fi fixx up him teeth dem.....rotten teeth man nah sport wid....same so him look clash from merciless and wen a war him hide and appear wen mavado and kartel dun war......mixx low beenie man glasses....u have any? hehehheheheheh big up u cute dawta fi me:p