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  • Blessings bradddddah....would u plzz help me with di link to the drink & party riddim full cd???
    tankz rexxxy.....di ting shatt......mi did start tink sey mi hav wat it takes....
    wat a gwaan wid di image adding......mi try but naaw get tru....walk mi tru it..if u can
    after the file is added ....images is above the comments box....but not able to add anything...seems to be view only mode...cannot edit images or add...bless
    Rexxxy...nothing is labeled content during the add file process and the only time i see image is after the file is added and i cannot add an image...is this feature available to ordinary members.. trust me ....I have tried everything
    mi nuh seet in the add file process....mi only see image inna di download process....add file page i see only has...ADD FILE..den...UPLOAD OR LINK TO FILE....i see no place to add image...shud be able to be done via editing rite?....let mi kno.....looks a lot more professional with covers
    hey rexxxy blessings str888 here's a mix fi yuh bro
    What ah ting mix 2012 by djladyninja on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
    Big up Rex.
    Director Stage Show Entertainment

    check it on facebook if you got time:
    Stage Show
    hey rexxxy please add more add more or cecile song collection pt 2,3........ to date blessed up for the good work mad love from Africa
    Yo whats poppin rexxxy, I was hoping you had the Billie Jean riddim, but not the one from 2010 with sizzla, I want the one from way back i think it was 1985... I would also like to have the stagalag riddim as well... Bless up big man... keep up the good work...
    bwoy rexxxy it seems like that tony curtis and sanchez is like looking for a needle in a haystack, i think they were singles put out by stone love, back in the early 90's. but noone seems to have it. if you happen to run across it please let me know, thanks for the other links, nuff respect. Tony curtis- love shouldve brought you home and Sanchez- if i ever fall in love again- the R&B GROUP SHAI remake. thanks again.
    hey rexxxy, mi si yu is a man of nuff music knowledge, was looking for the real rock riddim with tony curtis, sanchez, and tony curtis feat. jigsy king, if its not to much to ask can you please post, or mek a link fi mi, greatly appreciated, nuff respect and guidance
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