What's The Next Move For MasSicker

The music industry yard and abroad is asking: "What's the next move for MasSicker?". The young artiste out of the US has been hard at work on multiple projects with various producers across the spectrum of the reggae, hip-hop, and mainstream worlds and has seen a large increase in his following with the recent release of "Proud To Be Rasta" on Curtis Lynch's popular Gorilla riddim alongside Askala Selassie and Blackout JA.

The artiste has also been garnered a new set of fans with the success of his recently released compilation/mixtape R.A.S. 2.0 which has made a huge impact on the underground scene. Mas, very "forward" thinking in every endeavor, is looking towards the summer to release some of his latest productions as well as some surprises that will shatter the mold of what a reggae artiste has previously been

Massicker Stated,
I never stop creating. I don't think I could even if I wanted to. The industry is a strange and wonderful place. And although it's difficult as an upcoming artiste, it has also been made easier with the technology available to us in this time to build a strong fan base and a support system as far as radio stations, DJ's, and promoters are concerned.

I'm actually quite honored and humbled by the outpouring of support from the four corners of the globe and I'm just going to continue to preserve the original style and message of the music while delivering delivering those vibes in a fresh style to Jah people, wherever they are
Listen MasSicker - Low Di Dread

Listen MasSicker - Lately

Listen MasSicker - Gideon Time

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