untitled (parental advisory)

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May 13, 2010
alla bout
Thoughts in my mind
Lingerin in time
And then
I open my eyes
Only to realize dat
My nightmares is real life
And I can no longer hide dat
It's time to be frankand matter of fact
Life is fucked!
I finalized dat
Where da bank at?
Let 'em subsidize dat
Eff dat
Diary of a mad black woman
My analysis shows
Dat brain waves maneuver
Whichever way the wind blows
Divided by Pi and den
Multiply by the way the river flows
Manipulated by the constant
Of 100% of the square root of me
2.5 times 10
Then again bio say it's an antigen
Stimulated da profuction and combined wit dem
Organized wit dem
Conspired wit dem
But den...
Immobilized by dem
Seduced by dem
Noosed by dem
Surprised by dem
Denied by dem
I'm immuned to dem
Befriendin dem and acqauitin dem
Teachin a lesson
Make em listen
" I said shut da fuck up and listen!"
It's a recyclin prison
I'm on a mission
Fuck protocol and permission
No matter what
It's always sumtin missin
In addition
To the original subject in question
The so called "X" generation
Born into submission
Seems to me
Like a pointless crucifiction.
Jah Bless Earth Nation!