The Night That Never Ended

Solae Ahrae

New Member
May 13, 2010
alla bout
It started as a beautiful sunset
Then the glow of the moon and the twinkle of the stars seemed superfluous to those used to a bare minimum
Too good to be true
"You cant have too much of a good thing"
A whole new meaning
If thats not a lie, I dont know what is
When we're in the bright of day and the sun is blazing upon us
We yearn for night to fall upon us
Yet under the opalescence of the eve we beseech and covet the radiance of day
Longing for incandescent skies once again
It appears that darkness is all we have to look forward to
Like how we forget how beautiful the summer is until the bounds of winter
Taking for granted all that encapsulates us
The world as a whole and all of its elements
All because we seek...
Darkness when its light
Day when its night
Blindness when there's sight
Silence when there's sound
Death when there's life
Yet still life when we're heaven bound
Claiming nothing when we have it all
And wanting it all when there's nothing left to claim
Wishing again,
Upon a star
To see again,
the light of day
Drifting again,
To the land of dreams
This reverie of what was once a nightmare
The bronze of my skin in the solar ardence
I long for the warmth
Just once more to kindle in the solstice of the antemeridian
Rather than this succubus
The night that never ended.