Sumfest 2012 Recap


By Shannon Shields

Well, well, well, folks, the Annual Reggae Sumfest for the year of
2012 is over and done but I doubt it will ever be forgotten by the
people who were fortunate enough to make it to the festival. Whether
you were lucky enough like me to attend all three nights or only one
night I'm sure that your annual Reggae Sumfest experience was a great
one and I am also sure that every one of this year's lucky patrons are
already booked, hotel-ed and ready to return to the beautiful island
of Jamaica next year.

This year's annual Reggae Sumfest was number 20 and even though it
has been twenty years in the business I see no signs of age. Just
signs of bigger and better things to come from Jamaica's annual Reggae
Sumfest. The finely running engine of RS has set the standard for
reggae concerts around the world and I have real doubt that there will
ever be a greater reggae show on earth. This year not only did the
faithful patrons get a real taste of reggae music but they also got to
watch the beautiful fireworks display that Reggae Sumfest organised
for their 20th year birthday celebrations.

Thursday's Dance hall night was all about the Queen of Dancehall,
Lady Saw as the Reggae Sumfest group honored her for her outstanding
achievements in reggae music. The queen of the night looked the part
in her white ball gown and her bubbly smile as she performed for her
fans and received her award with a graciousness that was truly regal.
Bounty Killer who was named the DJ of the night was in his element and
dressed in his signature full black but this year he wasn't cross,
angry or miserable. For Reggae Sumfest's 20th year the General showed
that he has grown just as much as Reggae Sumfest in his words,
thoughts and feelings as he stated that his mother, Ms. Ivy, whom he
recently lost was still with him in spirit if not in the flesh. He
also took the time to send out his condolences to Irie Fm's late
Mighty Mike.

Koshens was surely Thursday night's next in line as he showed the
Reggae Sumfest that he has only been getting better from his last
Sumfest performance. He brought along with him Richie Stevens on stage
and the combination was truly dynamic. If Lady Saw was the queen of
the night then Spice was the princess as she arrived in her pink
carriage. She, too, showed that she is just as fit and limber as the
20 year young Reggae Sumfest when she was lifted in the air by her
male dancers doing a split. Tommy Lee represented well for Gaza and
also for Vybz Kartel, whom Tommy sent out his respect to. Elephant man
was as full of energy as ever in his Jamaica colors outfit. The Doctor
was also in fine form.

Friday night was Reggae Sumfest's International Night 1 and the big
international act of the night was Trey Songz who showed that not only
can he sing, but that he is also very much the gentleman as he showed
real love to the ladies foremost, but also to the rest of attentive
audience. Mr. Songz also showed his keen marketing skills as he
shouted out to Digicel - who are one of Reggae Sumfest's year to year
Diamond Sponsors. Tessanne Chin serenaded the crowd in her new funky
short hair style. Sophie Brown showed her keen singing skills and her
keen fashion sense as she caused the men to feel the Montego Bay heat
even more keenly in her short shorts.The real surprise of the night
was the young Miss Angelique Sabrina who wowed the audience with her
youthful appearance, fabulous dancing skills and raw talent. All I can
say is Rihanna better look out.

Friday night was also Reggae Sumfest's tribute to the great performers
of reggae as they honored some of reggae music greatest talents.
Derrick Harriot, URoy, Leroy Sibbles, Leroy Smart, John
Holt and the Mighty Diamonds were the honorees of the night and they
really showed the Sumfest patrons just how great they truly are.

Saturday was Reggae Sumfest's International Night 2 and that night's
international act was the legendary R Kelly who really did his best to
make up for his absence last year. I was wowed and amazed as he
performed one of his many number hits "I Believe I Can Fly". I truly
believe he has made it up to the Reggae Sumfest group. Finally. The
night had many fine performances. Especially from Christopher Martin
who seems to have grown up on the Reggae Sumfest stage. Damian Marley
was the show stopper of the night and I'm sure his daddy, Bob Marley,
was up in heaven smiling from ear to ear as he looked down and watched
his son sing. Jr. Gong entertained the crowd magnificently as he song
his own hit songs and some of his daddy's hits, too, like "No More
Trouble". He also performed his latest hit "Affairs of the Heart" so
passionately that it almost brought tears to my eyes. The Wailer
Tribute performed by Bunny Wailer was a beautiful experience that
lasted until the sun came up and ended the show and the festival.

This year Annual Reggae Sumfest of 2012 was the greatest reggae show
on earth just as it promised to be. I think I will always remember
Reggae Sumfest's 20th year Anniversary because it was really a truly
well put together Reggae musical experience that delivered all that
Reggae music has to offer. My ears were treated to the smooth silky
sounds of Tessanne Chin, the hard driving lyrics of Bounty Killer and
the oldies but goodies of Pinchers. The three night event brought so
many different forms of Reggae music together in one place and on one
stage and I was able to see for myself why the Reggae Sumfest is
called the "Greatest Reggae Show" on earth. I look forward to next
year with bells on and God willing I will see all my co-patrons from
this year and a host of new patrons, too.

See you all next year? View Pictures Here


Mar 25, 2010
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