Serani Got Robbed at gunpoint in St. Croix.

The island of St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands was the scene of a near-deadly robbery in which Serani and his road manager were the victims of a daring robbery at gunpoint.

According to a DASECA (the production group behind many of his hits...he is one of the producers BTW) rep"We believe that the promoter set them up. They were robbed inside the hotel while they were on their way to their rooms. They were held at gunpoint and robbed, everything gone, the money from the show the night before in St. Thomas and the show before that in Guyana, everything gone,"

Sourpuss Responded:

This is fuck up how they blame the promoters. The promoters of this show have a very good reputation with artist they bring down. Serani and his manager wouldn’t mention what they did to this promoter the week before this show right? Well im gonna let the public to know what is being left out. On December 27 2008 Serani was to perform on st.croix. Over 1000 people to see his performance but to their disappointment Serani was a NO SHOW. There was no communication with his manager Julian. No one return a phone call until the next day saying that Serani missed his flight. Remember now STINGS was on the 26th. So to my understanding he over slept. But the 27th show on st.Croix was of no important to them so they needed to not communicate with no one.. People behind the scenes know bad and arrogant his manger Julian is.. Because of his NO SHOW the community was in out rage saying Serani is a bluff and he rob their money. The promoter now had to rebook Serani for the 5th of January and give a FREE show to the public just to maintain his GOOD NAME AS a promoter. Some people feel offended of this FREE show because of the first one some had to pay to see him perform. NOW lets get down to the NITTY GRITTY that Serani is NOT telling his manager Julian. After the performance on the 5th he ran behind the stage. There was a groupie gyal who wanted desperately to meet Serani and just touch his hands. The road manager FOX told the promoter let the gyal in the car because Serani wanted her to spend the night with him. As to the road manager and serani wishes it was granted. When the promoter Drop them off their room I guess its when it all took place. Guess what serani the gyal you choose to spend the night with was a prostitute and the community was in out rage with you. So please back off of the promoter who treated you nothing but love. AS your friends such as Demarco and Dr.Evil how they got treated down here from the same humble promoter. Stop being in denial and let your people in Jamaica know that you pick up a prostitute to spend the night with.......Oh maybe you leaving this part out because you don’t want your girl to know...