kartel and mavado speaks out after sting



Oct 20, 2008
on earth
mavado is such a liad....a only wen kartel did dis him madda him get boo...which 4 consective boo...a boovado did a get all a di boo dem...i was dere...a him entourage jus as kartel sey tell him wey fi sing...him a try blame nuffy fi call him up early wen mavado reach di stage pan time and call out kartel sametime fi war...people nuh dat unu see? a pure boo mavado did a get til all kartel start laugh and sey hear da boo dey...plus him band sabatage di ting cawz dem never gi kartel a chance....dis was a dancehall war so me nuh kno why dem always a bring God inna dem nastiness...if mavado love God him fi lef him outta dem foolishness yah and have respect...str8 me sey...plus di rules were dem nuh fi so close to each other;so why mavado kept on coming over kartel side a di stage fi confrontation? sa barber bway better tek di plane inna di sky wey him a hype pan and go beijing go bruk usain record...a dat di gully monkey need fi do and stap hype....plus laing pay him 7 million and all him do a run awf a di stage...time him a talk him wuda go look plastic surgery...if u ago be an international artiste u cant look like a gully monkey;uplift u looks....him a sey kartel sound di same den a how mavado look di same and him have millions; wah di ambi cant tek out dem dey chop mark dey outta him face? a kartel win and me nuh bias..i was dere...israel fi life...gazaaaaa.....a me bloodclaat sey so....bun out all police...so me sey...big up God..me madda and last big up me pussy....:p