Joke: The Jamaican Ginnal

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A Jamaican guy walks into a whorehouse in New York and asks, "You have a girl work here from Jamaica name Arlene?"

"Yes," answers the madam. "Go on up to Room 6."

So the fellow went up to Room 6 and knocked on the door. When the woman answered, he asked "Yu name Arlene, don't it?"

"Yeah man, a me dat," replied the woman.

"Well, a have a couple Hundred dollas...." he proudly announced.

With that, the hooker interrupted him, grabbed the money, opened the door wide and hauled him by the shirt into the room. After a little rest from the vigorous sex, the fellow got up to leave. "Will you be here tomorrow?" he asked.

"Yeah Man," Arlene said, "Me will deh yah."

The next night, the fellow comes back and gives up $200. When they were done, he's sitting on the side of the bed, and asks. "Will you be here tomorrow night?"

"Honey," replied the hooker, "Mi deh yah every night fi you".

Night comes and the fellow was back in action. When they were done, they are both sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Tell me sumthin'," Arlene said, "what part of Jamaica yu from?"

"Portmore," replied the fellow with a satisfied grin.

"True ? Me have one sister live inna Portmore yuh know!" the hooker exclaimed.

"I know dat," the fellow replied, "She gimme six hundred dollas fi gi yu!"