Joke: Jamaican Sayings II

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Yuh wing soon clip

Yuh mus tink seh mi born behind cow

Puss an dawg nuh have de same luck

Learn fi dance a yard before yuh go abroad

Dawg know who fi bite

Duppy know who fi frighten

Yuh head faver someting whey johncrow draw brakes ina

Yuh head faver johncrow airport

Whey mek yuh head faver senseh fowl nest

It too early. Cock no even put on im draws yet

But unu see mi dying trial!

Pickney ask Mumma, "Mumma whey mek yuh mout so long"? Mumma sey, "Ayy ... pickeney yuh a grow yuh will learn"

If yuh don't hear yuh will feel

Yuh free paper soon burn

Yuh more harm than hurt

Wen poop a chat, fart deh near

It holey holey but it clean

But cuh pon yuh too

Use deh one stone an kill deh two bird

Mi no wan hear bout 'orse dead and cow fat

Always have manners, it will carry yuh far