Joke: Ah Cuss Out De Boss

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Two West Indians were drinking in a bar and complaining about their bossvthat he was a real pain in the butt always giving them a hard time.

The next day they met at bar again and the Bajan began boasting to the Trini, "boy ah cuss out de boss man real good, and when ah done, ah ask 'e fuh a raise and he gih it to me."

Trini looked at Bajan in suprise and asked "you mean he did'n fire you?".
So the next day Trini went in to work and began to cuss up the boss who looked at him and promptly fired him on the spot.

That afternoon when Trini met Bajan in the bar again, he told him what happened earlier. Bajan explained "Trini muh friend, when I cuss de bossman, I cuss he in muh mind."