Featured Artiste: Bramma

Born Lloyd Horace Brammer to Lloyd and Myrna Brammer and raised in some of Kingston’s toughest communities, Maxfield and Duhaney Park, young Reggae/Dancehall artiste BRAMMA attended the Calabar High school and graduated with four (4) CXC subjects. BRAMMA’S love for the music was noticeable during his school years where he spent many of his days entertaining friends or those who cared to listen, making drum beats on desks while he delivered some raunchy lyrics to much fan fare. In 2005, his school mate and best friend Marley who was living on Merrivale Drive, close to home/office Solid Agency Company Limited, introduced him to Bounty Killer whom he knew personally.

His first recording was by Steven McGregor and was done on the Cartoon rhythm this was indeed of better quality as both himself and Steven worked hard at finding a suitable key to comfortably deliver his tunes, this was an effort to enhance his clarity and eventually create a distinctive sound. The results were very impressive and very good for the artiste and his manager who was as excited as he was because she knew that the quality of work was much better for promotion and sets a trend for a new Dancehall artiste on the rise called BRAMMA de Bomma. BRAMMA spend many nights in Big Ship studio because it was just too late to go home and he had no transportation. It paid off eventually as his music improved with every new track. The innovativeness of young Producer Steven McGregor , BRAMMA refocused his attention to pursue his dream. He then created another track produced by Steven McGregor on the Party rhythm called ‘Heading to the Top’, this track ‘stepped things up a notch’, planting a seed of elevation during a time when the Industry seemed to be at war. He created his first video for the single as well which was directed by Simeon Edge. BRAMMA met producer Jordan McClure and created his first single entitled “Value of a Lady”. This single became a hit in Germany and BRAMMA earned for himself a full page feature in the November 2007 issue of Riddim Magazine. RIDDIM Magazine in Germany is by far the most important magazine with a worldwide readership.

Since then the Dancehall artiste has not looked back he has gone on to create tracks and singles such as “Its Wat Eva”, ‘Why’ and Guided by the Masta all produced by Steven McGregor, Daggaration on Beauty from the Beauty and the Beast rhythm, Whine on Wire Waist rhythm and a slew of other popular tracks and singles. BRAMMA has grown from strength to strength exercising raw talent and skill, and has his hopes set on becoming the likely next mega Dancehall Star.