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Born in Jamaica Dawn Penn studied classical music from the age of five at Duke Street by Miss Campbell and later with Lena Robinson- Kensington Avenue and reached Grade V11 in theory and practical with examinations from the Royal School of Music. During that time she also studied the violin with her sisters Pat and Audrey and was taught by Major Wilson of the Salvation Army Bramwell Booth Memorial Hall. The PENN Sisters used to perform at churches i.e. Grace Missionary and Kingston Youth for Christ-at Coke Church Memorial Hall to name a few.

New York Session
Sunday Only (Good Price)

No, No, No (1994)
Come Again (1996)
Never Hustle the Music (2004)

You Don't Love Me (1967)
You Don't Love Me (No, No, No) (1994)
Night & Day (Baby I Love You So) (1994)
Growing Up / Be Gone
Never Hustle the Music (2004

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