Dolla Bill Releases His First Single

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Dolla Bill.jpg
Growing up "Dolla Bill" always had his pulse on music. Not in the conventional ways of singing and performing, but rather of bringing it to the airwaves.

At a young age his parents brought him to Jamaica where he fell in love with the people, culture, food and music, and made Jamaica his home in his heart! He often says that the first time the beat and rhythm hit his hears, he finally became alive, and the rest was history.

"Dolla Bill" was given his nickname for his generosity traveling the world. He needed to find a way to not only help those less fortunate, but to share his blessings with the cultures who opened their arms to a stranger in a strange land.

"Dolla Bill" knew that it was time to share the song in his heart, he knew that no one could help him create this vision better than Jamaica, and on his last trip he spent weeks in a studio in ST-Thomas with the help and guidance of an amazing producer. He finally payed homage to his life experience, his travels, his son, and his love for Reggae and Jamaica. Music would become the soundtrack to his life.

"Every time I see you eyes" is "Dolla Bill" first single, he collaborated with dancehall artist "Boom Dekka". The single is now available on itunes.