Bounty states no more 'People dead'

Last year, he had declared that he "done with the clash thing", this year he has stepped it up several notches with his very public announcement at follow di Arrow on Saturday night that "I will not contribute to the demise of Jamaica. I was the one who said 'People dead'. Well nobody more nuh fi dead," a very intelligent-sounding Killer stated.

"And, those who don't like the new Bounty . bye bye," he added for good measure, stating that he has grown older and much wiser, even as he reached for highly charged songs from his repertoire, which he described as "lyrics done when I was trodding like the devil".

Perhaps it was his confidence and his don't-give-a-damn attitude, but unlike Sting when he made his declaration to 'boos', this time the fans wholeheartedly embraced the Killer's statement and his were among the biggest forwards of the night. "It's time to change and we artistes have the voice," he said in recognition of a universal truth.

Bounty was, in his own words, "trying to be bountiful and not get cross and miserable", his trademark charateristics. It was a night when he had choice words for everyone - from the government who had banned some of his early politically charged and incisive lyrics to the self-professed dons. "some bwoy say dem a area leader and a send go fi taxi man money fi use it buy bullet fi shot them same one. It need to stop," he declared.

He was in a no-nonsense mood, and with his own pants firmly glued on his waist and the pants foot breathing, Principal Pryce sent out firm instructions to the youth, "Try to keep your pants on your waist and stop cut your pants foot into pencil."

He took parents to task for not bringing up their children right by sending them to Sunday school, quoting from his last year song, Responsibility.

It was truth delivered the Bounty Killer way and it in no way detracted from his dynamic stage performance which was one of the best I've witnessed from the Killer.

Source: Jamaica Observer



New Member
Oct 17, 2008
change is in the making

atleast he admit he was the one whey start the wrong doing..but him right still...they are the one the people listens if they start sending positive vibesssss they willll get a positive reaction.:)....


Jan 12, 2009
Charlotte, NC USA
anuh bounty start it enuh....but mi glad fi finally see di killa move like him have sense....mi notice from wah day seh more conscious tune a infiltrate the dancehall..and i absolutely love it!!!!!!!!