Artist Tribute: Frankie Paul

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Paul "Frankie Dancehall Paul" Blake was born in 1965 in Jamaica. Frankie Paul was born almost totally blind. When Frankie Paul was four years old, he went on the Hope Ship where they worked with him for four years enabling him to see through his right eye; he later went to New York to obtain a pair of high-powered glasses that helped even further.

He attended a Salvation Army school for the blind, where he first began singing. When Stevie Wonder visited the school, Paul sang for him, and an impressed Wonder encouraged him to go into music. Paul learned the piano, drums, and guitar while still in school.

At the age of nine Frankie Paul was suspended for singing in school "too much". his punishment was that he would not be allowed to sing in school for the period of one year. Frankie Paul made his first recording, "African Princess," at Tuff Gong Studios in 1980, when he was still just 15.

After meeting Henry "Jungo" Laws the following year, Frankie Paul took the Reggae market by storm with a string of hits recorded at Channel One. He performed with the "Mighty Tides"(out of Kingston) where he met A.J. Boots Brown who influenced his musical style and skills. He began to work the hotel-cabaret circuit performing with A.J. in Montego Bay, Portland, Ochi Rios & Kingston. Eventually he continued to perform live with the "High Times Players". Frankie Paul moved to New York when he was seventeen.

His hits continued to bring him fame as his music stayed on dancehall charts in Jamaica and abroad. In 1984, four of his songs held the Reggae dancehall chart in N.Y. at once: 1. Worries In The Dance, 2. Pass The Kushunpeng, 3. Hooligan 4. Sara

Frankie Paul's version of Starship's song "Sara" became his biggest selling hit. His prolific and charismatic style carried him across the globe spreading his fame all over the Caribbean, England, Europe & Japan.

Give The Youth A Chance(1982)
Pass the Ku-Sheng Peng (1985) Nyam Up
Tidal Wave - (1985) - Greensleeves [1]
Over the Wall (1985) Crystal
Shut Up Bway (1986) Ujama
Warning (1987) RAS
Alesha - (1987) [2]
Fire Deh a Mus Tail (1988) Blacka Dread
Dance Hall Duo (1988) RAS
Slow Down (1988) VP
Frankie Paul at Studio One (1988) Studio One
Veteran (1989) VP
Can't Get You Out of My Mind (1990) Rohit
Detrimental (1990) Rohit
Get Closer (1990) Profile
Start of Romance (1991) Sonic Sounds
Let's Chill (1991) VP
Jamming (1991) VP
Should I (1991) Heartbeat
Money Talk (1991) Jammy's
Sleepless Night (1992) Sonic Sounds
Hot Number (1992) VP
Tomorrow (1992) Sonic Sounds
Cassanova (1992) Dynamic Sounds
Live & Love (1992) VP
Sizzling (1992) VP
Don Man (1993) Philo
Talk All You Want (1994) VP
Hard Work(1994) RAS
Time Less (1995) Tan-yah
If You Want Me Girl (1995) Trojan
Come Back Again (1996) VP
Freedom (1996) RAS
A We Rule (1997) RAS
Live at Maritime Hall (1999) Artists Only
Give Me That Feeling Freedom Blues (1999) Foxtail
Forever (1999) World
Rock On (1999) Charm
Every Nigger Is a Star! (2000) Greensleeves
Remember the Time (2001) Artists Only
I Be Hold (2001) T.P.
Don't Wanna Get Funky (2001) Prestige Elite
Sara (2002) Fatman
Blessed Me (2002) Scorpio
Hardcore Loving (2003) Charm
Asking for Love (2004) Jet Star
Who Issued the Guns (2006) Music Avenue
Are You Ready (2007) Cousins
Best of Friends (2007) Charm
Tink Say Dem Know Me (2008) Jet Star