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  • Catch Me on Helixradio.com each and every wednesday from 8-11pm(uk) for the Justin Case Show and Fridays from 8-10pm(uk) for a varity of special shows including Rare Grooves. Dancehall. Revival. and more. www.helixradio.com.

    YOU... HAVE... MADE... MY... DAY!!! Mannn, over the years, I've spoken to Jamaicans, deejays, music-heads, record shop owners, etc., and NOBODY ever knew what the heck I was talking about with that Joseph Cotton song! THANKS A MILLION, friend!!!!

    Hey, I've got a lot o' music, especially old school jams... if you need anything, hit me up; who knows? I may be able to make your day as you have made mine. Thanks so much again!!

    Bless up!
    JC Funk.
    Hi JC Funk not sure if i saw this before.... Thanks.... Im in the process of converting some vinyl records.... i have posted some already... will be posting more soon. Bless
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