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Apr 29, 2017 at 1:08 PM
Jul 3, 2010
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St. Maarten
Student of Kemet

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Well-Known Member, from St. Maarten

Africa...............the mother of European and Western Civilization!!! Aug 8, 2013

conquering_lion was last seen:
Apr 29, 2017 at 1:08 PM
    1. RasFalasha
      need a proper link for ur REGGAE FOR HUMANITY vols 1 & 2 pls Lion
    2. Caliente
      can you possibly send me a working link for the moving away riddim from bobby digital -digital B? the songs ,not the version
    3. rastayouth
      rastafari ,,give thanks conquering lion, this is conqueror sound i would 2 get the riddim from the uplifter africa bow..anyhow lion keep up jah works ,,blessed love
    4. RasFalasha
      On my list to find already Lion....will ding u when mi find it. Blessed Love.
      Dont forget to hook up wid a next big site fi riddims... mastahpiece.com
    5. Jetli
      lol...hope yoh noh feel noh way bout di comment mi mek...all iz well....but mi noh see nothing new....wah post less dan wah dey pon di drop from 2009. Noh watch noh face mi fam keep up yoh good work.....a nuff people grab it..... so mi doubt if dem even hav di 2009 drop....mi can hardly find time fi drop a few tings....school ah kill mi.....thanks.....
    6. korku addo
      korku addo
      Super works Conquering Lion! Can you kindly re-post the Tribute to Gregory Isaacs album -We Remember Gregory Isaacs. Thanks.
    7. korku addo
      korku addo
      Super works Conquering Lion! Can you kindly re-post the Tribute to Gregory Isaacs album. Thanks.
    8. slimjohn
      hey lion.. i'm looking for the get a lick aka billie jean riddim post if u have it.... thanks
    9. kwaabs
      hi,bro, can u reload "passion love riddim" cos di link is deleted. bless
    10. Jetli
      question ...yoh drop stinking link riddim....mi tink mi did seet pon yah...mi search but noh seet....let mi kno
    11. Jetli
      By di way, TNS, Dutty Town, Life reflections an wet up riddims drop pon one a yoh other sites...drop dem here for the reggaeme folks...mi kno yoh have dem.... Mr hav everyting.....dat way I wont repost shyt.....mi like how yoh delete the previous notifications....live life to di fullest mi fam....jah bless
    12. Jetli
      YOU STILL NOTIFYING ABOUT THIS DUMB SHYT>>>>YOU CAN"T READ OR WAH>>>>u still stuk pon stupid....or u jus da BIG DUMMY inna yoh family.... u inna competition...I'm clearly not.... i dont giv a fuk wat u hav...u cud be fully loaded or reloaded... i don't care an don't giv a fuk.....Rememba this....I'M not posting for u and I'm quite sure u not posting for me....Jus shut da fuk up an stop talking to me about this dumb shyt. POST WAT U POSTING...its dat simple>>>>>IF U NOTIFY MI AGAIN U FUK BATTY......I simple told u I didnt see ur file wen i searched and as a result I posted my files....ah dat yoh mad over rasta...yoh is not a conquering Lion....u is a wondering sheep...yoh lose yoh way....the Reggaeme family glad fi di work u do...keep it up....u gettin paid....by da way while I'm on this site and I see a post I need I'm gonna grab it...even if ah u drop it...gonna giv tanks...an move on....There are plenty sites like this...quite sure u know....so stop beat yoh chess and LOWE MI FASSY
    13. DJPrince
      Can you repost the ali baba riddim 1998 .... link seized
    14. conquering_lion
      it's all good king......one love.
    15. Sound Killa3000
      Sound Killa3000
      LOL beat me by 2 mins.. With dat Driver Riddim ha ha ha....
    16. general culture
      general culture
      bless up bredda, thanks for the link
    17. Moffat Makamba
      Moffat Makamba
      thanx man 4 di luciano album...Jah guide
    18. conquering_lion
      ok great..........when you post it.........i will download it. thanks!!
    19. Sound Killa3000
      Sound Killa3000
      I do have it... Uploading atm..... Nice vybz on it...
    20. djmunya-b
      hie mi bredda pliz can u link mi wth dis following riddims-- eraser aka fivedollar friend, kanto, showdown, bushtonic, rat trap 2004, ram one riddim blessed
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    Home Page:
    St. Maarten
    Student of Kemet
    Conscious Reggae DJ from St. Maarten. I have been fortunate to Dj in places like the Gambia (Africa), Liberia (Africa),Holland, England, St. Maarten, Venezuela, and Jamaica. YOU CAN LINK ME FOR RIDDIMS, TUNES, AND DUBPLATES (NO ARTIST IS TOO BIG OR SMALL...DJ CONQUERING LION VOICE THEM ALL) BIG UP TO ALL DJ'S WHO KEEP IT CONSCIOUSLY HARDCORE!!

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