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  1. Sound Killa3000
    Sound Killa3000 conquering_lion
    Greetings bredren can u reup "Party Time Riddim" from 94 the links seem to have gone dead, Bless
    MESSIAH conquering_lion
    hi b bless mi can't download with MEGA coz redirect GOOGLE....yeah prefer zyppyshare or mediafire i like no warrior riddim fix
    1. conquering_lion
      king you can download it with google. click on the grey tab not the red tab.
      May 22, 2017 at 6:44 PM
    2. conquering_lion
      send me your email i will email it to you.
      May 22, 2017 at 6:51 PM
  3. b.roots
    b.roots lion root
    blessed love
  4. b.roots
    b.roots conquering_lion
    is the days or you post rocksteady, rub-a dub, ragga, ska, , mento, reggae roots… on reggaeme.que of the riddims copying to stick on others site.rastafari
  5. Dark knight
    Dark knight
    Wah gwaan world
  6. b.roots
    b.roots dj flames
  7. conquering_lion
    1. b.roots
      use 2 download riddims from various sources then doing adf.ly uploads with this files to earn
      per cents per download, L.O.L. Is this money u use get dub now ??? L.O.L
      Yes mi have not only mp3 files but enough 45s cause man & other people way no
      LEECHER like U haffi support ARTIST(S) & PRODUCERS dem.and it is this regulars.....bongorootsman no compétition....missions....jah rastafari
      May 1, 2017
    2. conquering_lion
      b.roots. i have been collecting reggae for 25 years. And you better be glad, because if it wasn't for me sharing reggae music....you wouldnt have no good music to play.
      May 2, 2017
      b.roots likes this.
    3. b.roots
      For 25 years, j attens when I comment on reggaeme of the rocksteady, ska, mento, dub, steppa, digital, raggamufun has pat that riddim
      May 2, 2017
  8. Jimsmith
    Jimsmith Djscorpio
    Broth quien me cambia
    *Gregory peck them old poco man jam por
    *jhonny nice flash frire
  9. antoniocruz664
    blessed love from tijuana mex big up fam
  10. rastayouth
    love & hate could never be friend..its like love Jah & live hate him and die
  11. b.roots
    b.roots ben10ben
    bleesed love
  12. bunky369
    Lock Off Records
  13. b.roots
    b.roots Eaton
    Charlie Chaplin - Face To Face .....ok
  14. jahgift
    jahgift conquering_lion
    Blessed love conqueror do you do by any chance have upfull ways riddim 2003. InI been seeking the riddim for a lang tym. Jah bless
    1. conquering_lion
      you still need it??
      May 8, 2017
  15. kudzieku
    kudzieku conquering_lion
    How much for the music
    1. conquering_lion
      260 US dollars. It includes shipping and 1TB external.
      Mar 14, 2017
  16. Crack-T
    Whats good?!
  17. rastayouth
    Love Jah & Live Hate Im And Die
  18. sadik21
    Life is a Trip, enjoy the ride.
  19. Showman
    Showman mark
    Thanks Masssiv!!
  20. b.roots