Sizzla returns with a new album

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1. Sizzla Jah Love
2. Sizzla Ghetto Utes Dem Ah Suffer
3. Sizzla Stop It Right Now
4. Sizzla Gwaan Bear
5. Sizzla Hey Youths (Respect)
6. Sizzla Black Man In The White House
7. Sizzla Future Is Yours
8. Sizzla Premeditate
9. Sizzla I'm Loving You
10. Sizzla Open Up The Doors
11. Sizzla What Am I To Do Baby
12. Sizzla I Love You So
13. Sizzla Tax Payers Money
14. Sizzla Qualities In Life
15. Sizzla Babylon Ease Off

Those who didn’t enjoy Sizzla’s last effort Addicted - mostly composed of dancheall/hip hop...

Beenie Attacks D’Angel and Barbee

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The ever-controversial Moses ‘Beenie Man’ Davis launched a verbal broadside against several entertainers during an appearance on Ed Lover’s Morning show on POWER 105.1 earlier this week.

Beenie Man held nothing back in the interview, revealing details about his marital problems, his feud with arch-rival Bounty Killer and the fight dancehall is receiving presently from government authorties.When radio announcer Ed Lover asked about his marriage Beenie said he met someone he thought was ‘the one’ but she (D’Angel) changed over time.

“I am...

Mavado tops Billboard's Reggae

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Mavado's latest VP Records album Mr Brooks . A Better Tomorrow raced to the top of Billboard's Reggae Album chart. The album, which was released via iTunes more than a week ago, was officially released on compact disc earlier this week.

The album contains some of Mavado's recent chart hits as well as a few exclusive tracks. Among the more familiar tracks are Don't Worry, On the Rock and the recent Billboard R&B singles chart hit I'm Special.

Mr Brooks..A Better Tomorrow features a plethora of dancehall producers including Linton 'TJ'...

Germany teenager went on shooting rampage

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An armed teenager who went on the rampage at a secondary school in southwest Germany on Wednesday, eventually shot himself when police caught up with him. He killed at least nine school students and three teachers at the school. After the school shooting, he went on to kill another three people. Is it now time for Europe to tighten its gun laws?

German media report that the gunman was a 17-year-old former student at the school. Dressed in black combat gear, he entered the Albertville-Realschule in Winnenden, a town of 27,000 near...

It doesn't hurt to say thanks

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It doesn't hurt to say thanks..
a little gratitude goes a long way!
show sum

big up to all the real posters pon reggae me nuff love for the music
from rexxy and mixhoney

Regulations hit Jamaica's carnival.

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Television Jamaica (TVJ) will not air the carnival road march live, for the first time in over a decade, whilst rival CVM TV will make its decision this week, amidst fears of violating Broadcast Commission directives.

This soca sacrifice will cost the stations a lot of advertising revenue but avoid costly penalties and public criticism.

CVM TV will by Friday decide whether to air the march live. "We are in serious discussions at the moment about whether we can have a live broadcast of the road march because the Broadcasting Commission...

Merciless says Cobra is next!

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After being declared the winner following his face-off with Ninja Man on Follow The Arrow, deejay Merciless is now calling for Cobra to confront him on stage.

"Mad Cobra a next man. Anytime him ready, tell him seh mi ready at any given time or place, 'cause Cobra a chat up some things since the start of the year," Merciless Said.

While the clashes have brought Merciless much recognition since his return, Merciless said the main objective was not clashing, as it only brought momentary hype...

Reggae vs. Dancehall

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It is felt, generally, that all Jamaican popular music can be described by one brand name - reggae. This assumption has been widely accepted because of the dominant position of reggae music, which has so captured international popularity that it is a phenomenon. But musical styles remain popular for only so many years. Then comes the period when the composing of new tunes ceases and, the music thereafter lives on in memories and reputation.

Reggae reached that stage 25 years ago. Since Bob Marley's death in 1981, there have been little...

Singer Chris Brown charged with assault

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Singer Chris Brown was charged on Thursday with felony assault and making criminal threats in what prosecutors say was a Grammy-eve attack on his girlfriend, the pop star Rihanna.

Brown, 19, appeared briefly in Los Angeles Superior Court but did not enter a plea to the charges. His arraignment was postponed until April 6.

Wearing a gray suit, white shirt and tie, the rising R&B singer stood emotionless, answering only "Yes ma'am" to the judge.

The judge issued an order barring Brown from "harassing, threatening or using force"...

'Ja will not bow' to buggery

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PRIME Minister Bruce Golding was adamant yesterday that his Government would in no way bow to pressure from individual organisations, individuals, foreign governments or groups of countries to give a free rein to buggery.

Speaking in the House of Representatives while tabling additional amendments to the proposed Sexual Offences Bill now being debated by the House, Golding made it clear that he "will never support acts or threats of violence or intimidation in any shape or form against persons because of their sexual preferences and...

Follow Di Arrow's Ninja vs Merciless

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Ninja Man, who came with the intention "to settle all arguments" with Merciless, might be kicking himself right now. After totally dominating the 'Warhead' Merciless in the early goings, getting most of the 'forwards' from the crowd, the Ninja gave it away in the end.

He attacked Merciless with "Yuh talk bout Cobra a bowers, Bounty a coward, yuh nah tel dem di amount a man whe ...... u down a Riker's". Merciless appeared to have been speechless as the crowd went into a frenzy.

Ninja Man thought that was the...

Bounty states no more 'People dead'

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Last year, he had declared that he "done with the clash thing", this year he has stepped it up several notches with his very public announcement at follow di Arrow on Saturday night that "I will not contribute to the demise of Jamaica. I was the one who said 'People dead'. Well nobody more nuh fi dead," a very intelligent-sounding Killer stated.

"And, those who don't like the new Bounty . bye bye," he added for good measure, stating that he has grown older and much wiser, even as he reached for highly charged songs from his repertoire...

Jamaica Human trafficking

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Despite attempts by local authorities, human trafficking remains a major problem for Jamaica, according to a recent human-rights report published by the United States (US) Department of State.
The report states that regardless of the fact that laws in Jamaica prohibit all forms of trafficking, persons are very often transferred to, from, through and within the country.

The conclusions of the US 2009 report on the incidents of human trafficking in Jamaica are quite similar to its 2008 review.

According to the US State Department, most...

Jamaican artistes not marketable

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Former Managing Director of Synergy Production, Ronnie Burke, is urging Jamaica's recording artistes to create more sustainable music that will be accepted in the global marketplace, and thus contribute to the economic development of the country.

"We have lost out a lot on marketing and overseas tours, because our dominant music is dancehall, which is not accepted in the traditional European festivals. What we have found in Europe, North America and the United Kingdom (UK), is that they simply don't understand what the DJs are saying and...

Vegas splits from Irish and Chin

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Dancehall artiste Mr Vegas has parted ways with his management Irish and Chin. Garfield 'Chin' Bourne of Irish and Chin said the parting of ways was a mutual one and he harbours no hard feelings for Vegas' decision. "The artiste said he wanted more control of his career. I still hold Vegas in high regard as an artiste and I wish him all the best," said Bourne.

Irish and Chin began working with Vegas in 2007. Their association yielded many accomplishments for Vegas, according to Bourne. 'Some of the achievements include taking the song Mus...